The project in summary

Healthcare Clowning International Meeting

The project in detail

To allow artists and managers of professional clown-doctors organizations to acquire new skills in Healthcare Clowning; contribute to the professionalization of Healthcare Clowning in the countries of origin; establish new partnerships with organizations from all over the world.

17 Artists and managers of 14 Healthcare clowning organizations from emerging countries (Africa, Asia, Central and Latin America and Middle-East) with limited financial resources.

The conference gathered about 400 researchers, medical staff, policy-makers and clown-doctors from 50 countries all over the world who met to foster discussions on professional standards and Best practices, to discuss future developments and challenges of the Healthcare Clowning practice, to increase scientific research and raise awareness.

The scholarships awarded by RED NOSES Clowndoctors International, with the support of Alta Mane, allowed 17 scholars of 14 professional Healthcare Clowning organizations, with limited financial resources and established in emerging countries and/or facing difficult humanitarian emergency situations, to attend the Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2018. The participation to this conference allowed them to acquire new skills to replicate the art of Clowning in their different countries of origin, for the benefit of thousands of hospitalized children and/or unaccompanied minors on the move and in condition of social vulnerability. The conference was held on April 4-6, 2018 at the Competence Center for Non-profit Organizations and Social Entrepreneurship, Vienna University of Economics and Business. For 3 days, the 17 scholars took part in a multiplicity of sessions (totally, 68 workshops, panels and discussion groups) moderated by the principal experts and professionals of the field took place.