The project in summary

Training sessions for the transmission to Cambodian teachers of pedagogical methods integrating art and play during classes for children with disabilities.

The project in detail

In collaboration with Aide et Action and the support of Alta Mane, two Cambodian organizations (Rabbit School Organization and Epic Arts Cambodia) organized 5 sessions aimed at training teachers to use pedagogical methods, integrating art and play during class. The goal is to offer children with disabilities a personalized education, protect their right to learn, develop their creativity and facilitate their social integration.
75 participants, including teachers from various Cambodian provinces, school directors, trainers from NGOs and provincial, district and ministerial officials for education.
Five training sessions held in Phnom Penh, Kampot and Kratié province in 2016 by the Rabbit School Organization and Epic Arts Cambodia. The two organizers developed manuals for the sessions (Learning Through Play and Learning Through Creative Arts) to facilitate active learning among participants, thus alternating theory and practical exercises. In 2017, the trained teachers will implement what they learnt during the sessions and they will be subject to evaluation.
Aide et Action Suisse Organization

This organization was founded in Geneva in 1981 to offer quality primary education, professional training and health education to the largest number of people possible, especially children and women. Today, Aide et Action works in 26 countries in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, Southern Asia and Southeast Asia. In particular, it manages a five-year project (2012-2017) in Cambodia aimed at integrating creative activities into the traditional curriculum, improving infrastructure, training teachers and head teachers and providing scholarships and loans to poor families to benefit primary school children in 8 Cambodian provinces. The project intends to offer a quality education to 2’300 students with disabilities and reduce dropout rates.

EpicArts Cambodia

EpicArts was founded in Cambodia in 2003, following a series of successful projects in China. It promotes education and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

The Rabbit School Organization

It was founded in Phnom Penh in 1997 to provide for the educational and therapeutic needs of children with disabilities in a Phnom Penh orphanage (the National Borei Infant and Child Orphanage Center). In so doing, the organization developed an educational programme better suited for children with multiple and complex disabilities.

Other partners: the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport; The Disability Development Services Program (DDSP); and Marist Solidarity Cambodia.