To consolidate and promote the work of the young artists, former street children and beneficiaries of Projeto Axé. To provide an opportunity for growth, both individually and as members of a community, by valorising their educational, social and artistic development through public performances and the exchange of experiences. To offer opportunities for specialised musical education and improvement through participation in the Berklee College of Music clinics and the seminar led by two of the world’s most renowned percussionists. To raise general awareness about the issue of street children.


13 young people from Projeto Axé and the Umbria Jazz Festival audience, which became aware of issues concerning street children and was transported by the energy and rhythm of the Axé musicians.


In 2010 Fondation Alta Mane coordinated and supported a Study Tour for 13 young people and 6 educators from Projeto Axé to the 2010 Umbria Jazz Festival from 8 to 19 July in Perugia. The Axé youngsters presented the show ‘Sons e movimentos do desejo’ in Piazza IV Novembre and in the Santa Giuliana arena on the closing night in a performance that also saw the participation of singer Fiorella Mannoia and percussionists Horacio “el Negro” Hernandez and Giovanni Hidalgo. In addition, the Axé youngsters were able to perform in numerous street parades in Perugia. As ‘Artists in Residence’ they also took part in musical specialisation courses at the clinics run by the Berklee College of Music in Boston, one of the most famous jazz schools, and in a seminar led by the famous percussionists Horacio “el Negro” Hernandez and Giovanni Hidalgo. Alta Mane produced a video of the Axé Study Tour.


Projeto Axè

Projeto Axè (Centro de Defensa e Protecao à Crianca e ao Adolescente) (Salvador, Brazil) is a Brazilian association engaged since 1990 in the rehabilitation and social reintegration of street children and adolescents in Salvador through a course of education based on the Pedagogy of desire and the ArtEducation methodology (dance, music, plastic arts and fashion design).


From 2006 to 2010 Alta Mane supported Projeto Axé in the following activities: production of the BandAxé CD (2006), 2 training courses, 1 in-depth learning course, the band GECA (2007), 1 percussion course (2008), the Matriz des Artes courses (2008-2009), Tournée GECA at Rome International Film Festival (2008), the Axé Study Tour at Umbria Jazz (2010) and the development plan of Axé Italia Onlus (2009-2015).[/fusion_tab][/fusion_tabs]