To support the systematisation of the process of musical education developed and carried out by Projeto Axé in favour of street children and adolescents (GECA – experimental chamber group).


1 researcher (half a study grant)


Fondation Alta Mane and the De André Foundation jointly funded a grant for research into the outcome of ArtEducation titled “The sound of desire and the desire of sound: music teaching and traineeship at Projeto Axè”. The research lasted 10 months and enabled the methodology to be systematised in a publication targeting schools using ArtEducation as part of their syllabus.


Projeto Axè

Projeto Axè (Centro de Defensa e Protecao à Crianca e ao Adolescente) (Salvador, Brazil) is a Brazilian association engaged since 1990 in the rehabilitation and social reintegration of street children and adolescents in Salvador through a course of education based on the Pedagogy of desire and the ArtEducation methodology (dance, music, plastic arts and fashion design).


From 2006 to 2010 Alta Mane supported Projeto Axé in the following activities: production of the BandAxé CD (2006), 2 training courses, 1 in-depth learning course, the band GECA (2007), 1 percussion course (2008), the Matriz das Artes courses (2008-2009), Tournée GECA at Rome International Film Festival (2008), the Axé Study Tour at Umbria Jazz (2010) and the development plan of Axé Italia Onlus (2009-2015).[/fusion_tab][/fusion_tabs]