From 2006 to 2010 Fondation Alta Mane covered the annual cost of two part-time Parada France art educators who ran and coordinated the workshops in art, circus arts, drama and plastic arts targeting young ethnic Roma living in the Hanul and Aubervilliers districts on the outskirts of Paris.


Roughly 80 Roma minors living in the Paris suburbs


To improve the quality of Parada France’s work with young Roma in Paris to facilitate their integration and promote schooling, also by involving their parents in activities.


Parada Francia

Association Parada France was constituted in Paris in 2001 to raise money on behalf of Fundatia Parada (operating in Romania in support of abandoned minors in Bucharest) and to promote the social integration of the ethnic Roma population in Paris’ outlying Seine Saint-Denis neighbourhood. Within the framework of this project Parada France launched artistic, circus and drama workshops aimed at Roma children and youth.


Fondation Alta Mane supported Parada France from 2006 to 2010.[/fusion_tab][/fusion_tabs]